Cleaning & Decorating For Halloween This Fall
Cleaning & Decorating For Halloween
Cleaning & Decorating For Halloween This Fall

It is getting colder and darker earlier. It is starting to feel cozy indoors. It is October and Halloween is right around the corner! Have you made any Halloween plans? Are you ready for trick-or-treaters to show up at your door? In this blog, we will share cute Halloween cleaning and decorations tips for the upcoming spooky holiday! We hope your friends and family will enjoy the occasion and stay safe as you trick-or-treat around Bartlesville, Owasso, Skiatook, Pawhuska, Nowata, and all the Oklahoma small towns in between.

Organizing Holiday Decorations
The best way to store holiday decorations is to organize them by the occasion in labeled bins. These bins can be stored in the garage or attic to minimize clutter year round. And, when it is time for the holiday, you will know exactly where to find your fun lights, themed pillows, and more!

Decorating for Halloween and Fall
Halloween is the perfect time to try out your decorating skills! It’s easy to go overboard with all of the fun, creepy things that are available in stores during this season. Here are some tips for creating a spooky environment without breaking the bank.

Playing a Halloween music playlist is the easiest way to set the spooky mood immediately with minimal effort!
Use items you already have at home. For example, lighting lots of candles can create a spooky mood just by itself!
Lighting a fall-themed candle can make your entire space smell like fall and wow your guests. Some great fall-themed scents include pumpkin spice, mahogany, cranberry, apple, and marshmallow. You can also find essential oils in these scents as a healthier alternative to candles.
Use low lighting or string lights for an eerie feel. Bonus if the string lights are a fun Halloween color, like orange, purple, or green.
Outdoor Decorations
You can decorate your outdoor space with lots and lots of toilet paper or caution tape that will transform your space for cheap.
Pumpkins of all shapes and sizes are the quickest and easiest way to transform a space into the fall season, and you can always carve the pumpkins for added fun!
Fake spider webs are a cheap way to make any room or porch ready for Halloween trick-or-treaters and can be reused year after year!
If you have someone artistic in the family, painting your own Halloween wall art can be a fun family activity.
You can also DIY some Halloween crafts like making a “Happy Halloween” banner with extra supplies or making cute pipe cleaner spiders.
Indoor Decorations
Switching out hand towels, pillowcases, and blankets with fall colors also sets the Halloween mood, such as oranges, purples, and black!
You can also invest in themed kitchenware like Halloween plates, napkins, and more. Rae Dunn makes several cute collectible items like mugs, cookie jars, and more that will surely make it feel festive!
Buying Halloween candy in bulk will save you money and keep your guests satisfied with the sweets!
We recommend thrifting or checking out local antique stores for unique finds that will also be more affordable and sustainable than visiting your local Halloween pop-up shop or seasonal decorations store. No matter what your Halloween plans are this year, you can make your space spooky and festive with these quick, easy, and inexpensive tips and tricks!

Cleaning Up
After the occasion, be sure to put back the decorations in the appropriate bins. Wrap delicate items with special packaging, bubble wrap, and more. Remove cobwebs, use pumpkins as compost, and so on. Be sure to store leftover candy appropriately so that it does not go bad and create a sticky mess in your home! Reach out to Simply Maid Cleaning OK for help in cleaning up and preparing for the next holiday!

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