Chores – Helping Kids with Goals for a Lifetime

I have a 9-year-old son that I want to grow up able to do things on his own. That being said it is a daily fight to get him to do his chores. So I spent many hours trying to figure out how to help him and make chores FUN. This is still a work in progress. We have been using this system for 2 months and it works for the most part.

Picture frame with goal sheet inside
Anthony (my son) has been talking about how he wants to upgrade his gaming system. He has an Xbox 360 but he would like the Xbox One. This system costs around $400 with the games he wants. So I had the item that I hope will keep Anthony on track to do what is needed to earn it.

Super Easy Goal Sheet
What you need: Picture Frame, Goal Sheet, and Dry erase marker.

1.) I search the internet for a template for the goal. I will save you this step and post the link here -> Thermometer template

2.) Found a picture frame at Dollar Tree. But I am sure most of you have extra picture frames just sitting around that you could use for this project.

3.) Printed and cut out the goal sheet to fit into the picture frame. Insert into a picture frame.

4.) On the glass I wrote the goal that Anthony wants to earn (Xbox ONE), the amount of money he needs to earn (Mom and Dad are paying half LUCKY KID), and wrote the dollar amounts with the dry erase maker. Super easy once the goal is made to just erase and start a new one.

Now you are ready for them to start earning money to work towards a goal!!

Chore List and Extra Coupons
This is what we did to help remind Anthony of the chores that need to happen daily and some extra chores that can earn more money if he wants to.

Daily Chore list
I used 2 small dry erase boards from Walmart Bartlesville one for each part of the day. We were having problems with Anthony remembering what he needed to do in the mornings without me having to tell him 100 times. This board has been a lifesaver. I now say to him have you done all of his items from his board which then reminds him that he needs to go move the magnet on the spot if completed.

I am telling you life changes in our household in the mornings!! If Anthony does all of his chores all week long without me reminding him that he earns his weekly allowance. If he misses 1 day he does not earn the money. This has also made it wonderful. Come Friday he does not want to mess up and lose his money for the week so he continues to work hard for his GOAL!!

chores coupon
Chores Coupon
I made some coupons that Anthony could use to make extra money during the week. I had fun coloring on these, but I think next time I will have Anthony help with this step. He is not so excited about doing the extra items. HAHA!

Hoping that this was useful and that you are able to help your kid’s goals play out. Goals will help them out so much when they are an adult.

Thank you for your time.

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