Deep Clean

We hand wipe baseboards

Murphy Oil all kitchen and bathroom cabinets and any kind of woodwork that we can touch with a two-step ladder

We do not take any light fixtures apart

Plus any reoccuring services

dirtiest places in your home

First Time Clean

Any reoccurning service but we spend more time on picture frames, long dusting baseboards, and getting the cleaning supplies up to standards.

Cleaning Transformations

Reccuring House Cleaning

Let Simply Maid OK take the stress of cleaning away so that you can focus on what truly matters in your life. Simply Maid OK can handle all your cleaning needs while keeping your budget and preference in mind. Our goal is for you to come home and RELAX.

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Every Other Week
(Every 4 Weeks)

We are the best Cleaner

Get Our Services, It’s Affordable

Save Time. Save Money.

We LOVE Our Communities and Partners!

Member Bartlesville Chamber of commerce
Speed Cleaning
GBAC trained technician

When you join Simply Maid, you're joining a family.