New Year, Clean Home: Welcome 2023 Dust-Free!

With the New Year comes a chance to start fresh and improve upon yourself in every aspect of your life, including your home, routine, and even your health. The new year also gives you the opportunity to set goals and make plans to achieve them; here are some tips from Simply Maid Ok on how to clean your home and develop the habit of maintaining cleanliness, as you work to achieve your New Year’s dust-free and clean home!

Starting With a Clean Slate

There is no better time than a fresh new year to make resolutions that are going to be here for the next 365 days. Why not kick off the new year with a clean slate, fresh state, and fresh habits? Getting into the habit of doing a little bit more each day is a good way to start new habits for 2023.

Keep reading for more practical tips to get your home looking like you’ve flipped over a page and gotten things out of the way. But first, remember to take a deep breath. Inhale, exhale. This will allow you to obtain that fresh mindset to remain calm and positive, which can spread throughout your home. Remember that achieving goals and cleaning a home is a step by step process. Let’s get into it!

Goal Setting

What are your goals for the new year? Maybe you want to learn a new skill, start a new business, or get in shape. Whatever your goals are, it’s important to write them down and log them in a journal. Put sticky notes on your mirror or around your room.

These reminders will be great motivation throughout the day! This will help you stay on track and accountable. Plus, telling someone else about your goals will help keep you motivated. Find an accountability partner and work together to motivate each other.


One way to start the year off right is by decluttering your home and getting organized. This will help you feel more relaxed and in control of your life. Plus, it will be easier to focus on achieving your goals if your environment is clean and orderly. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Start with one section or room at a time. Don’t try to do everything at once or you’ll get overwhelmed.
  2. Cleaning does not have to be a daunting task that takes up your whole weekend. Set a timer for 15-20 minutes whenever you get a chance and see how much you can get done in that short amount of time.
  3. Some great places to start are the kitchen cabinets, refrigerators, and pantries. Throw out any expired produce and snacks that are no longer edible, to prevent bacteria and mold from growing in these spaces. Similarly, you can dispose of any cosmetics, cleaning products, and so on that may be in your bathroom or storage space.
  4. Another place where clutter piles up is desks, shelves, and even the dining tables. Find a new place for your mail and loose leaf papers. Organize any valuables, and so on!
  5. Finally, the closet. Donate any clothes that no longer fit you to a local charity organization. You can support orphanages, domestic violence and homeless centers, and so on. Find a cause that resonates with you!

Once you have assessed your space and decluttered, it will be easier to organize and maintain cleanliness!

Strong Organizing System

One way to help you achieve your goals is to create an organizing system. This can be as simple as creating a list of things you need to do each day or setting up a specific place for all your important papers.

An organizing system can help you in many ways. It can save you time by helping you find things quickly, it can reduce stress by making it easier for you to stay on top of things, and it can help you be more productive overall.

Personalize Organization

#1: Keep it simple.

The more complicated your plan is, the less likely you are to see it through.

#2: Make it customizable.

With every new experience in life, your needs change and thus your system should, too.

#3: Make your system tangible.

Examples include apps like Google Calendar, paper calendars, and spreadsheet trackers. Other people like to have an old school paper to-do list to make sure they can cross things off when they are done. Nothing feels better than being able to cross something off your list!

Consistency and Accountability

To motivate ourselves, we can set mini-goals leading up to our major goal. This forces us to be more consistent and accountable with ourselves as we break down what we’re doing and all the steps involved in it. To put it simply, begin somewhere and progress little by little.

Don’t skip a day, hold yourself accountable. Developing a good discipline routine is important, but seeking a support group or partner will help, too. Having someone to lean on, especially when times are tough, can be an enormous help.

Encouragement and Rewards

A new year is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start towards a dust-free home. But it can be difficult to stay on track. That’s why it’s so important to motivate and encourage yourself along the way. Set up both short-term and long-term goals, as well as an even split of rewards.

Since as the days go by and you’re finding it more difficult to maintain your good habits, treat yourself as an investment by allowing yourself something to look forward to, like a day at the spa or buying a new book. That way, you will be motivated to do better in the long run and invest in yourself again.

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Simply Maid OK Supports Hopestone Cancer Support Center Through Cleaning for a Reason

Here at Simply Maid OK, we believe in giving back to our local community where we live and work in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Supporting the Hopestone Cancer Support Center in our Bartlesville, Oklahoma community means giving back to the community that’s given so much to us over the years. We hope to raise cancer awareness and help cancer patients in Bartlesville through Hopestone. We’re proud to be able to give back in any way we can. Keep reading and discover how Hopestone and Simply Maid OK have truly impacted the lives of the beloved people in our local community of Bartlesville.

About Hopestone Cancer Support Center of Bartlesville
As part of Hopestone’s patient and family support services, patients and families have access to wigs, hats, scarves, transportation assistance, prescription assistance, meal programs, and many other resources. Our generous donors and the community pay smaller fees to access our programs on behalf of cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Hopestone’s philosophy is one of “people helping people.”. Hopestone will continue to provide resources and assistance to make life a little bit easier for our community in Bartlesville.

Hopestone is able to offer counseling services through Samaritan Growth & Counseling Services and prescription assistance through Ascension JP MedCare Pharmacy through partnerships with local organizations. With Simply Maid OK at Hopestone’s side, we are able to additionally provide cleaning services at no cost to cancer patients through Cleaning for a Reason.

Simply Maid OK and Hopestone Cancer Support Center
Through Cleaning for a Reason, Simply Maid OK works with the Hopestone Cancer Support Center to provide free house cleaning for cancer patients undergoing cancer treatment. Cleaning for a Reason works with a variety of other cleaning companies across the country to provide complementary house cleaning for cancer patients who may not have the time or resources to clean. Simply Maid OK and the Hopestone Cancer Support Center are teaming up to promote cancer awareness in the Bartlesville, Oklahoma area by providing these complementary cleaning services to cancer patients.

Our goal: Making lives a little easier
Both Simply Maid OK and Hopestone Cancer Support Center both have a common goal to provide an easier lifestyle for those undergoing cancer treatments. We also have the goal to raise cancer awareness by providing these cleaning services, meals, and other necessities for cancer patients. Simply Maid OK has been working hard to make life a little bit easier for people going through this tough time in their lives. That’s why we’re grateful to be supporters of the Hopestone Cancer Support Center through Cleaning for a Reason.

Thank You to the Bartlesville Community
Simply Maid OK is a proud supporter of our local community in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. That’s why we support the Hopestone Cancer Support Center. We thank you for your help to those who have been touched by cancer. Your contribution will be used to provide much-needed emotional and financial assistance to cancer patients and their families and support vital cancer patient programs. Let’s continue to make a difference in our community of Bartlesville. See how you can help by visiting and and supporting cancer patients in our community.