The Benefits of Essential Oils for Your Home

What are essential oils? Do essential oils really work? Are they worth it? Here at Simply Maid OK, we are passionate about natural cleaning products and low-toxicity products. We find alternatives for the cleaners we use in your home, as well as in our own homes! We also find alternatives for other products that are typically high in chemical content, to replace them with a healthier opinion. So, when we found out that the candles we enjoy smelling and gifting so much we’re actually harming us and our environment, we knew we had to make the switch.

After digging deeper into air fresheners and other types of fragrances, we came across essential oils! Drops of essential oils can be put into diffusers filled with water. Then, they will spread a beautiful scent around your home. This will make any area feel refreshing and uplifting! Using essential oils also has many other benefits.

Researching Essential Oils
It is important to research essential oils carefully, as they are not well-regulated by the FDA. Often, essential oils can be diluted and infiltrated with other chemicals and extraneous ingredients. It is important to research brands and their sources before purchasing. Here at Simply Maid OK, we recommend Young Living for your essential oils and other non-toxic products. Plant Therapy, Vitruvi, and GuruNanda are also some other brands that have positive reviews.

After purchasing, you need to be cautious about using essential oils as well. If concentrations are too high, essential oils can be irritating for your pets and even newborns and younger children. Some essential oils can even be damaging to the skin, liver, and other organs if used improperly. Be mindful of the proper quantities and concentrations when using essential oils so you and your family can truly enjoy their many benefits!

Benefits of Essential Oils
Essential oils in ingredients like Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living are useful for their cleaning and antibacterial properties, as well as providing a natural, refreshing aroma that also makes your surfaces and home smell clean! Besides cleaning, essential oils also have several benefits for health and wellness. For starters, essential oils smell great and are the perfect alternative for candles. Next, they can have a calming effect, which reduces stress and can even improve the quality of sleep. Some can help with skin, hair, and other personal needs. The list goes on!

Some Favorites & Their Uses…
Lemon essential oil is one of the most refreshing. It just smells pleasant and clean. It is known for alleviating bacteria and fungal infections, functioning as an antiseptic, and so on. It is also appreciated for whitening teeth, toning skin, and more. Regardless, the citrusy smell elevates any space!

Peppermint oil is one of our favorites, as it is perfect for Christmas time. In aromatherapy, it is known for reducing headaches, improving cognitive function, and more. Some people even like to use a couple of drops of peppermint oil when baking brownies or other treats!

Lavender is a classic scent. It is known for promoting relaxation and restful sleep. It is also believed to alleviate anxiety and stress. Furthermore, it can help skin conditions like eczema, inflammation, and itchiness from bug bites.

Rosemary essential oil is said to encourage clarity and insight, relieve fatigue, and support respiratory function. If mixed with lavender, it is also known for promoting hair growth and strength.

Overall, essential oils have many benefits for cleaning as well as personal use. They are a valuable investment and we are excited to share them with our clients and the cleaning industry. As the cleaning industry continues to revolutionize and go green, incorporating essential oils is a great idea!

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